PrivatBank customers can withdraw €500 per day


By Stelios Orphanides

Depositors at the Cyprus branch of Ukraine’s PrivatBank are able to withdraw funds from their accounts at a rate of €500 a day, a source at the bank said.

A customer of the bank, which Ukrainian authorities nationalised and recapitalised two weeks ago, said that he had been notified by the bank on Wednesday about the development. He had been unable over the past two weeks to withdraw money from his account.


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  • Barry White

    Roll up, Roll up all, your money is safe in Cyprus……. so safe you may never see it all again !!!!!

    The vaunted Financial HUB strikes, not once, not twice, not three times, not four times…. and more to come !!!!!!

    The Casino is open.


  • Blipboss

    People put their money….in Cyprus these days? Are you sure? l thought is was all DB or HSBC….in Swiss….these days…. unless its dark money…from government projects….or from the Hawallah cash/cash system through the dirty Lebanese banks…where all the dark funds flow through and the happy smiling Lebanese take their 15% fees…