Bank of Cyprus share scores gains in first day of trading


By Stelios Orphanides

Bank of Cyprus Holdings shares made a positive start on the first trading day, both in the London and the Nicosia markets, reflected in increased trading volume and price.

According to the Cyprus Stock Exchange, the bank’s share was traded at €3.43 at 1:10 pm today, which is 6.5 per cent up compared to the opening price of €3.22. The trading volume of the bank’s share exceeded €1m.

At the London exchange, the price of the share fluctuated at similar levels with the exception of a single transaction involving the “ordinary trade” of 10,000 shares at 11:02 am local time at €4.45, according to its website.


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  • Blipboss

    wow.6.5% up. like BT then. a real bargain. run and buy. ooops sorry….l meant sell.

  • CitiZenKaNe

    Hmm..checking a chart now. BOC:ath was trading near to 1000 EUR/share in Oct. 2007. From there it came tumbling down to around 100 EUR/share in Feb. 2009, recovered at bit, and then the real skydiving happened bringing it to lows of 11 CENTS/share in recent years, now its at 16 CENTS.

    Imagine having invested 1 million into BOC shares near the high, that same million would now be worth the tidy sum of 163 EUR, a drop of close to 7000 percent!

    Cyprus should stick to souvla and touristiki, it even sucks at that, let alone responsible banking!

    • Jim Demetrios

      Hence CK, never invest in the market. Always trade.

  • Jim Demetrios

    Buying this stock would definitely be considered gambling. We just don’t know. But I was going to take a chance. It is cheap. Unfortunately my broker doesn’t deal with the London or cyprus markets.