BOC in talks with institutional investors following LSE listing, CyBC says


By Stelios Orphanides

Bank of Cyprus aims at attracting institutional investors for longer term placement in the bank’s share, days after its London Stock Exchange listing, state broadcaster CyBC reported citing the bank’s chief executive officer John Hourican.

Hourican revealed that he already held meetings with 80 such investors who are based in New York, Boston and London, CyBC reported.

The bank’s primary target is to attract larger pension funds which have a longer term investment horizon, the state broadcaster reported.

The bank’s London listing strengthens the Cypriot economy, as in meetings of Bank of Cyprus’s officials with investors, the latter also receive briefing on Cyprus’s advantages as a financial centre, CyBC reported citing Hourican.


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  • konstabo

    they stole there customers money to save themselves and wiped out all the share holders and investors and now there looking for new investors……when people took there money for safe keeping they dident inform them how to protect themselves , they just said , your money is safe here… was always thought that your money was safe in a bank , now we find out that its far to easy to have it stolen… todays world its the only way to get ahead , because working is far to hard and the pay is way to little , of course bank theft can be justified as a bankruptcy but this bank never closed down , no one lost there job ,they actually hired all the other banks employees , and they stole there customers money , 50 percent of it , just took it and pocketed to save themselves, now there trying to figure out how to get ahead , how to get new investrs , there having big dreams of success and expansion , makes you proud dont it…..

    • Cydee

      Excellent post Konstabo.