Regulator issues licence for first competitive power plant, investor says


By Stelios Orphanides

The Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) has issued the first licence to a power producer for the competitive market, a director of Easy Power (Cyprus) Ltd said.

The licence is for a 5.5 Megawatt photovoltaic plant in Potamia, a village south of Nicosia, Easy Power’s Pavlos Liassides said in an interview.

The licence issue was the first following the September ruling of the Administrative Court which ordered CERA to lift its unilateral freeze in reviewing applications filed by independent power producers and the parliament’s Friday approval of a transitional arrangement ahead of the implementation of the electricity competitive market, set for mid-2019.

The full implementation of competitive market rules will allow also households to buy power directly from private producers, other than the state-owned Electricity Authority of Cyprus.
CERA was not immediately available for comment.

The Cyprus Business Mail understands that CERA, which is currently reviewing applications filed by other independent producers that could lead to the operation of additional power plants with a production capacity of up to 100 Megawatts, is expected to announce their approval or rejection by this summer.

Liassides is also chairman of the Cyprus Free & Competitive Energy Market Business Association.


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  • almostbroke

    Cue sabotage and other ‘funny business ‘

    • Cydee

      Sadly, you’re probably right.

  • Didier Ouzaid

    Interesting. Let’s see how the infrastructure is shared and the structure cost that goes with it. Issuing licenses is one step, but if authorities place a series of obstacles in order to favor the public entity, it amounts to nothing for the consumer.

    • Cydee


  • SuzieQ

    Cheaper electricity, or am I being naive again?

    • Bunny

      Probably, depending on the massive RES subsidy that must be in place to be competitive. At least, they won’t need a night shift!

    • GSP

      Memories of an old Everly Brothers song:
      “Wake up little Suzie, Wake up”

  • Cydee

    Good news.

  • Neroli

    Will this be another port scenario with the sabs??