Eurogate to invest €30m in Limassol Port


By Stelios Orphanides

Eurogate Container Terminal Limassol Ltd said that it intends to invest €30m in upgrading infrastructure and services at Limassol Port, including two new crane bridges.

Eurograte, which on January 29 assumed responsibility for the container business as part of the commercialisation of the port’s operations, has handled up to date a total of 141 vessels and 60,237 containers “or an average of 800 per day, a figure accounting for an 8 per cent increase compared to the respective period last year,” the company said in an emailed statement quoting Yiannos Mouzouris, a board member.

Eurogate, which experienced a chaotic start to its Limassol operations caused by the introduction of new procedures, and sabotage by former port workers affected by the privatisation of the port’s operations – all leading in delays angering port users – also serviced 36,840 lorries carrying 58,387 containers, or 900 per day on average, it said.

On average, the time needed for a truck to be serviced after it enters the terminal is less than 30 minutes, Eurogate said.

Mouzouris said the rate at which it operates, the terminal has demonstrated that the company can cope with the market’s needs.

The company already invested in 17 new straddle carriers and is expecting next year, two super-post-panama crane bridges able to service ships of 21-containers wide, Eurogate said.

“The company will also continue with the upgrading of equipment received from the Cyprus Ports Authority and has proceeded with a number of construction works to improve the terminal’s infrastructure and increase security by fencing certain areas,” it continued. It added that it will modernise technology, is apply the parent company’s standard that improve productivity and safety.


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  • Pc

    In other words, a few months into the privatisation, its positive effects are already becoming visible: increased productivity. So much for all the nay-sayers in parliament and the unions.

    • Neroli

      Eurogate of course can handle the port, the new infra structures, the new cranes and up the amount of containers per day, its the port workers that can’t!

      • Vegchef

        Or won’t.

  • desres

    Replacing cranes sabotaged by the workers; replace them with a few robots!