Tourism revenue up 38% in April, Cystat says (Update-1)


(Updates with more background in third paragraph)

By Stelios Orphanides

Revenue from tourism rose almost 38 per cent in April, to €189.6m, compared to the respective month of 2016, against a 27 per cent increase in arrivals, the statistical service said.

In January to April, revenue from tourism rose 25 per cent, to €357.7m, compared to the respective period of 2016, against a 20 per cent increase in arrivals, Cystat said in a statement on its website.

Τhe increase in revenue in April was mainly on an annual 4.6 per cent rise in average spending per person per day, to €75.23, boosted by an extension of average stay by 0.3 days, to 8.8, Cystat said.

Visitors from the UK, traditionally the largest group of incoming tourists, shortened their average length of stay in April by 0.2 days, to 9.7 days, which was offset by a 5.4 per cent annual increase in spending to €74.81, Cystat said.

Russians extended their average stay in April by one day, to 9.1 days, and spent €85.94 every day, 6.5 per cent more, compared to April last year.


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  • Gregos Winston

    Good news.

  • LMS

    Good and welcomed news!

    So, tourist numbers are up and revenue from each tourist is also up.

    But weren’t hoteliers complaining, only recently, about how hard up they are and how they can’t meet their financial obligations and how they want subsidising by the government?

    It’s a bit like property developers coming out of the islands biggest ever property boom, owing hundreds of millions of euros.

  • Douglas

    Good opportunity to raise the prices especially as most are now frightened to travel to Middle East Countries, isn’t that the normal business strategy?

    • Eye on Cyprus

      Done! (and the tourists will be)

      • Slomi

        This period while tourists are afraid to go ME resorts could be a opportunity also to promote the tourism here and to have a good reputation for a long time in future.But no one seems to work hard on it.It is just like a lottery and that s all.

        Recently, one morning,I decided for a breakfast in one of the restaurants in Dekhelia (Oroklini beaches) along-with a friend.For two ugly looking small omelettes accompanied with some very small pieces of old tomatoes and cold slices,-two cups of coffee,I paid 25 euro. It was very unpleasant an experience for me and my friend who came here to visit Cyprus as Tunisia is not safe now which actually has been his fav. place.

        • Eye on Cyprus

          What you say about the Middle East destinations and the opportunities for Cyprus therefrom is so very true. Even today there has been a fresh atrocity in Hurghada; with tourists killed.

          Personally, if starting from Western Europe, I would go no further than the Western Mediterranean; rather than suffer 5 hours on a plane, Paphos Airport and Paphos taxi drivers: even before receiving second-rate service in some restaurants and searching for a nice beach. Being fair (as I occasionally am), I would say that I have enjoyed some excellent meals in Cyprus but no better (and certainly no cheaper) than eating out in Spain or Italy.

          • Slomi

            I agree, Spain and Italy are working very hard in their tourism industry. My some friends are in Italy nowadays and they are very happy.Spain has her own charm and people are polite there. Here, people are not inclined to work hard on their hospitality skills and it is very doubtful that after the global situation is recovered , majority of tourists will like to come back here?for what?

        • Douglas

          I personally would have rejected that breakfast and departed suggesting they improve if they want your custom.Regarding Tunisia I took my family once and never again my 11 year old Daughter was constantly harassed by waiters in the hotel for dates,these guys were well in their 20s, the place is a cesspit and never again.

          • Slomi

            I never had any adverse experience in Tunisia.Never ever. Neither any of my firends.I wish them best for future as we are waiting for good resorts with polite staff.

          • Douglas

            Unfortunately my experience of Tunisia is never again in my lifetime,there are many more civilized and safe places to visit for vacation, but appreciate you had a more positive experience, but perhaps you never took your 11 year old Daughter with you like I unfortunately did and had to protect her from the vulture like men in their 20s plus at the hotel from propositioning her.

          • Slomi

            I am not an old lady myself and I have been to many resorts in Africa, as well as in Arab.In South America also. Me or my friends never had /have any problems in social courtesy .Even now the real problem is the security hazards in these areas and no complaints about locals.yours was some unfortunate single incident

          • Douglas

            I have since lived and worked for in many Middle East Countries for many years and now have a much better handle on their culture and behavior and can definitely confirm my experience in Tunisia was not an unfortunate isolated incident, but I just hope your positive outlook continues but bewarned if you ever go again.

          • Slomi

            Mine is not a positive outlook only.My observations are based upon working there, living there, communicating with them and I am glad that I have good observations about them.

          • Douglas

            Tunisia remains a cess pit and an unsafe place for families with teenage children to go on holiday, females going there alone might be flattered by the complimentary attention but do not let that cloud your judgement.

          • Slomi


          • Douglas

            Tell that to the families who perished in Tunisia,western Tourists fled a Tunisian seaside resort on Saturday, a day after an attack killed at least 38 people and wounded at least 39 others.Like I said do not let their sweet talk hide the dangers of going to Tunisia.

          • Slomi

            The area is known to me.I donot need your guidance about it

          • Slomi

            I was in ME for a posting just a few months back:)))))))

  • xenonx

    Cyprus is only benefitting from the tourist’s fear of going on holiday to Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and North Africa per se. Cyprus is not cheap, like these aforementioned destinations, mostly because it has the Euro and Sterling is being clobbered.

    Getting excited about 6 million tourists any time soon is a myth which should be expelled. This year could be a one off great year compared with the last ten years. If the pound continues to fall, I expect expensive trips to Cyprus will be off the agenda for Brits.

    On a recent trip to Paphos, 2017 City of Culture, I was appalled. Getting from north of the city to south of the city involves a massive, time consuming, frustrating detour. If it were not for the sunshine I doubt I would rush back. For at least 4 years politicians have known when this event would take place and it is a crying shame the place is still half finished. Why so much money and time was ever wasted on installing roundabouts and traffic lights along the Tomb of the Kings Road is beyond my comprehension. The only roundabout which makes a difference timewise is at the Kings Mall and this should have been built at least 20 years ago.

    I eventually parked the car and wandered through the half finished old town. I would never open a shop or restaurant here, as there are far too few customers and they cannot all survive, despite the aesthetic update. The hotels have locked most tourists into “all inclusive” deals

    so the visitors do not venture too far from their temporary residences.