June arrivals up 14% hitting new record amid slowdown from UK, Russia


By Stelios Orphanides

The number of tourist arrivals rose last month 14 per cent to 472,450, the highest ever recorded in June, compared to the respective month of 2016, among saturation signs from the UK and Russia, the two major sources of incoming tourism, the statistical service said.

The increase in June was mainly on a rise in arrivals from all countries excluding the UK and Russia, which rose an annual 58 per cent to 209,369, Cystat said in a statement on its website on Monday. Arrivals from the UK, traditionally the main source of incoming tourism, rose 1.2 per cent to 150,532 while those from Russia rose 2.1 per cent to 129,890.

Arrivals from Israel rose 89 per cent last month to 28,044 compared with June 2016, while those from Sweden, Germany and Greece rose 25 per cent to 21,136, 93 per cent to 18,363, and 9.8 to 18,185 respectively, Cystat said. On the antipode, arrivals from Ukraine and France dropped an annual 28 per cent to 7,382 and 19 per cent to 2,772 respectively.

From January to June, total arrivals rose 17 per cent to 1,463,206 compared to the respective six-month period last year, Cystat said. Arrivals from the UK rose 9.7 per cent in the first half of the year, while those from Russia rose 11 per cent to 332,982.

In June, the share of visitors from the UK and Russia in total arrivals accounted for 32 per cent and 28 per cent compared with 36 per cent and 31 per cent, Cystat said. In the first six months of the year, the share of British and Russian tourists visiting Cyprus shrank to 35 per cent and 23 per cent from 37 per cent and 23 per cent a year before.

In a separate statement, Cystat said that the number of Cypriots who travelled abroad last month rose an annual 9.4 per cent in June to 110,235.


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  • Mong Hlop

    it is not the numbers that matter but rather how much they spend in CY

    • Soho-Knights

      So true! The changing pattern of tourism means that the operators and hotels keep most of the money!

      • Barry White

        Exactly, not much goes into the tax account, let alone the NPL accounts or the Municipal and EAC accounts.

    • Touristbusiness

      How true! Tourist number up….revenues down! This is not rocket science, just check VAT returns from good years such as 2015 versus the last 2 “record breaking” years! Madness who ever believes ths politically bullshit, defo not those involved in the tourist business!

      • Vladimir

        What is the problem? Just be more proactive when overpricing and scamming us to increase your ‘Revenue’.
        BTW, at the airport in Larnaca, they already started returning lower amount of VAT, probably to compensate for the reduction in government revenue.
        Miserable nation…

        • Mong Hlop

          you? a-holes like you not really what we are looking for u miserable moron

          • Vladimir

            Did u read about the beach near Varosha? They are opening it: this year for TCs and Turks. Hopefully from the next year all other nations except GCs will be welcome to visit and enjoy Varosha – wonderland!! Can’t wait)
            You stay in the South and keep begging EU for help, don’t forget to lick their buttholes from time to time as it may help)

          • Soho-Knights

            Wonderful news for Turks! Don’t put your beach towel next to someone wearing a vest! You must be so proud of your fellow conspirators?

          • Mong Hlop

            a beach full of apes – it will certainly attract zoologists from across the globe

          • Vladimir

            Cypriot apes? They were successfully murdered long time ago and their remains completely decayed – must be clean by now so normal human beings can enjoy.

  • Philippos

    The Structure of Cyprus Tourism, as a business, is seriously flawed. It is a nonsense to have 58% of your Business coming from two Clients. Further analysis will show that the falling GBP and the effects of Brexit, including maybe the need for Visas and the instability of the Ruble, in the case of Russia and the low quality and spending power of the Russian tourists displaced from Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey, is no cause for celebration or self congratulation. Our infrastructure is clapped out, our foreshores hammered by tourists and stupid local politicians. now we are literally overheated and do not have any plans for diversification away from July and August – that is a totally different thing from “Extending the Season” and we did not even begin on that one. It IS going to fail and not so far away now.

    • Cydee

      Yes, winter tourism has faded away – again…

    • cyprus observer

      Well said. I think you are right.

  • Banjo

    It’s a bloody good job the CTO is useless….. very nearly half a million tourists in a single month !!!! How many would we get if those running the industry were as good as the island itself. They’d need to double decker sunbeds to keep up.

  • Douglas

    Well thanks to the Russian tourist for the extra revenue,you could almost forgive the Russian men for walking around in Coral Bay wearing their budgie smugglers 🙂

    • divadi bear

      Please explain what a budgie smuggler is ?

      • Douglas

        It’s men wearing ‘y’ front swimming trunks with what looks like a small budgie tucked away inside , seems to be a Russian tourist style 🙂