Jobless rate unchanged at 10.8% in July, Eurostat says


By Stelios Orphanides

The unemployment rate remained unchanged at 10.8 per cent in July compared to the previous month, the fourth highest in the euro area, the European Commission’s statistical office said.

Last month, the jobless number in Cyprus remained unchanged for the third consecutive month at 46,000, Eurostat said in a statement on its website on Thursday.

The unemployment rate in the euro area remained unchanged at 9.1 per cent last month, compared to June, while that in the EU remained unchanged for a third month at 7.7 per cent, Eurostat said.
Greece was the country with the highest unemployment rate, 21.7 per cent in May, followed by Spain with 17.1 per cent, and Italy with 11.3 per cent, Eurostat said.

Germany had the lowest jobless rate in the euro area with 3.7 per cent, followed by Malta with 4.1 per cent, and the Netherlands with 4.8 per cent. The Czech Republic’s 2.9 per cent unemployment rate was the lowest in the EU.


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  • Banjo

    If the economy is growing at the rate they claim , why is unemployment still so high ?

  • Cydee

    Jobs don’t appear out of thin-air. How about some serious attention to job-creation?

    • Baliff or croupier.

      • Cydee

        Cynic 🙂

  • Vlora

    A wastage of human resources.

  • CM follower

    No something that you would wish on anybody but the sad fact is that less of us are required to do the same work.
    And yes without government expenditure unemployment will not shift downwards.