Jobless figures plunge as government goes hard on undeclared labour


By Stelios Orphanides

The government’s pledge to clamp down on undeclared labour appears to have helped reduce the number of registered unemployed considerably last month, the latest figures released by the statistical service show.

The number of registered unemployed fell by 3,052 in September to 27,951 compared to the month before and 18 per cent compared to the respective month of 2016, Cystat said in a statement on its website on Wednesday. The reduction in unemployment matches the figure of new registrations of workers with the Social Insurance Service ahead of a government deadline that expired on September 3.

The seasonally adjusted reduction of the number of registered unemployed last month was 694 compared to August and 5,430 compared to September 2016, Cystat said.

Last month, the number of registered jobless dropped in the area of public administration by 1,208 compared to a year before, by 1,207 in construction, 1,013 in trade, 514 in financial and insurance, 475 in manufacturing and 457 in newcomers, Cystat said. The number of registered unemployed in September is the lowest since November 2011, the year in which the Cypriot government was shut out of financial markets and an explosion knocked out the Vassilikos power plant, causing island-wide outages affecting economic activity.

On August 30, Andreas Apostolou, a senior labour relations inspector at the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance said that the number of workers registered with social insurance ahead of a government deadline expiring on September 3, was 3,100. Employers who failed to report their unregistered workers would otherwise face fines of up to €3,500 per person.


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  • Mike

    ….”Goes hard on undeclared labour”….is that a euphamism for the department of labour doing its job and protecting public funds from fraudulent claims. Many if not most outlying villages have a large number of day raters working for cash and claiming benefits. Having to sign just once a month doesn’t help, how about trying every day and at varying times of the day to be advised the day before. My guess will be that a large majority will exit the system. It will need outreach working in village offices to save burdening the genuine unemployed with additional travel costs but I believe the effort will be worth it in terms of saving public funds for those in genuine need.

  • Cydee

    Good to see them going after the emplyers who refuse to register their workers in order to avoid paying the stamp for them. About time.