Co-op chairman Taoushanis steps down, succeeded by Hadjinicola


By Stelios Orphanides

The state-owned Cyprus Cooperative Bank said Takis Taoushanis stepped down as board chairman and that it had appointed George Hadjinicola as his successor.

The unanimous decision to appoint Hadjinicola was taken at an extraordinary general meeting, the second largest Cypriot lender said in a statement on its website on Friday.

The new chairman was appointed member of the board in November 2013 and was until today chairman of the risk management committee after also serving on the audit, nominations and non-performing loans committees, the bank said.

Hadjinicola is a holder of a Phd title in business administration and of a post-graduate degree in statistics and computer engineering and also has a degree in electric engineering, all obtained at the University of Southern California, the bank said. He also teaches business administration at the University of Cyprus after having taught at academic institutions in Greece, the US and Bahrain.


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  • Garry Smith

    MMMMM. A teacher running a bank according to his bio. What could possibly go wrong.

  • Bruce

    Surely the “minor” problems of the Coops only require a CEO to do part-time work!
    Is Hadjinicola another school-buddy of the Minister of Finance?

  • Bruce

    Of course I am wrong as Hadjinicola will only be Chairman of the Board with far less responsibilities than the dynamic and cheer-leading CEO Hadjiannis.

  • Cydee

    He was chairman of the ‘risk-management committee’????

    • Terryw45

      What can possibly go wrong?

    • Vegchef

      and a member of the non-performing loans committee!

  • That’s the signal 😉