August tourist revenue seen at €423.6m, up 8%, Cystat says


By Stelios Orphanides

Revenue from tourism rose in August 8 per cent to €423.6m compared with the respective month of 2016, which is the second highest ever amount in a month after July 2016, the statistical service said.

The increase in revenue in August was mainly on an annual 14 per cent increase in arrivals in the same month which more than offset a 5.4 per cent drop in the budgets to €809.01 of visitors on average, Cystat said in a statement on its website on Friday. Tourists reduced in August their average length of stay by 0.2 days to 10.3 days and their average spending per day 3.6 per cent to €78.54.

While the number of tourists from the UK, Cyprus’s main source of vacationers, rose 7.9 per cent in August, they spent on average €837.97 each during their stay or 5.4 per cent less compared with August last year, Cystat said. In the case of tourists from Russia, the island’s second largest source of incoming tourism, their number dropped 2.5 per cent. They also spent €850.76 or 0.5 per cent less during their stay on average.

In January to August, tourism revenue rose 14 per cent to over €1.8bn, against a 15 per cent increase in arrivals to 2,517,887, Cystat said. Tourism accounts directly or indirectly, roughly a quarter of Cyprus’s economy, expected to expand 3.5 per cent this year.


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  • David Hill

    Spending per person dropped by.5% surprise. No doubt due to all inclusive deals with tourists preferring to stop in the hotels.

  • Blue knee

    On two occasions in august I swam at Konnos and Le Cygnet in Protaras and on both occasions last summer there was human feces floating in the water, I can only guess from yachts moored off the bays. Disgusting council should regulate and do their job.

  • Philippos

    The same story, we have to pull in more and more people who spend less and less. We are on a “Hiding to nothing”, I think that is the English expression, a bit like the American “On a train to nowhere”. This is absolutely what Vassilliou wanted to avoid, the Nation being over run for seven months of the year by penniless vandals, because it drives away the serious money and the need for corresponding service levels that pull the country UP. What a mess!