Judge extends government’s deadline to object to Browder’s request


By Stelios Orphanides

The Nicosia District Court on Monday extended the Law Office’s deadline to file a complementary objection to Hermitage Capital founder Bill Browder’s request for an emergency injunction.

Judge Ioannes Ioannides decided to grant the government seven more days to explain on what grounds it objects the application of Browder, upon a request filed by Republic’s lawyer Theano Mavromoustaki.

The application filed by Browder, who seeks to stop Cyprus’s cooperation with Russia in a “politically motivated” probe against him, requires a thorough study and the completion of translation work, before the Law Office can submit its objection, Mavromoustaki told the court.

Browder’s lawyer Christos Pourgourides asked to be given another week to review the government’s objection and, if necessary, prepare a supplementary affidavit, a request granted by the judge. Ioannides agreed to set a new hearing for November 20.

Early last month, the government froze its cooperation with Russia in its probe against Browder, prompted by the latter’s campaign for justice for lawyer Sergei Magnitsky who died in a Russian prison after uncovering a $230m (€197m) tax theft. The government’s decision to temporarily freeze cooperation with Russia angered Moscow.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe asked member states not to cooperate with Russia in its probe against Browder and to follow the US example which passed legislation targeting individuals implicated in Magnitsky’s death. Interpol repeatedly rejected arrest warrants issued by Russia against Browder.


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  • Paranam Kid

    An excellent decision to give the government more time to keep the garbage coming from this character out.

    Also, Magnitsky was NOT a lawyer. When Browder testified under oath in a New York court deposition in a related criminal case, and was asked if Magnitsky had a law degree, Browder said, “I’m not aware that he did.” When asked if Magnitsky had gone to law school, Browder answered: “No.”
    And in questioning by Russian investigators in 2006, Magnitsky said he was an auditor on contract with Firestone Duncan.

    So it appears that presenting Magnitsky as a “lawyer” is a convenient falsehood that buttresses the Magnitsky myth, which Browder constructed after Magnitsky’s death.

  • Evergreen