Saloon registrations up 57% in October


By Stelios Orphanides

The number of saloon registrations rose in October 57 per cent to 3,240 compared to the respective month of 2016, which is the third highest this year, the statistical service said.

The increase was mainly on a 94 per cent rise in second-hand saloon registrations to 2,189 compared to a year before. The registration of brand new private vehicles also rose but by a much smaller amount, 13 per cent to 1,051.

In the first ten months, the number of saloon registrations rose 32 per cent compared to the respective period of 2016 to 30,380, Cystat added.

The figure was broken down into 11,413 new cars and 18,967 second-hand vehicles with an annual increase of 7.7 per cent and 52 per cent respectively.


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  • almostbroke

    NPL s ?

    • Bystander

      Raise in land development, most probably

    • Evergreen

      Running on the roads .

    • Primary car 😉

  • Mist

    Car rental business booming.

  • Neroli

    So the banks are giving away free money again? I better get in the queue

  • Kevin Ingham

    People need cars and there are plenty of cheap imports from the ludicrous UK second hand market to supply the Cypriot market. New car sales are a possible indicator of economic growth, second hand registrations are a matter of economic necessity. When your old banger becomes too expensive to repair you have to replace it with something better

  • Evergreen

    What is the money source to buy these saloon cars?

    • jobanana

      Many people do have jobs! And they need cars to get to them!

      • Evergreen

        My electrician has bought three cars during this year. Two for his daughters and one for himself.All on bank loan. Yes electrician has a job and two daughters are hair dressers . But the funding source is still bank loan.

        • jobanana

          Not for everyone. I always pony up with cash when purchasing a car. Let’s hope your electrician pays his loans!

  • Benny bumble

    NPL,s rise by 57 per cent ???.

    • Eye on Cyprus

      Nice one!

  • Kevin Ingham

    The current exchange rate makes UK second hand imports extremely affordable, which is where these used car registrations are coming from ( the UK and Cyprus both being RHD of course)

    • peemdubya

      My thought exactly, just wish they would trim the import duty!!

  • Peter G

    And here I was, thinking of Miss Kitty or Big Minnie expanding into new establishments.

    • Kevin Ingham

      Ha Ha- indeed a very odd word to use to describe a car

    • Eye on Cyprus

      Yeeeee! Haaaaa!