New tourism junior ministry may keep CTO as executive arm


By Stelios Orphanides

Nine months after the government and the unions agreed that Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) workers will not see their benefits affected after being transformed from a semi-governmental office into a junior ministry for tourism, the government accepted a proposal by Akel not to scrap the tourism board altogether and to place it under its umbrella, a lawmaker said.

“Responsibilities concerning supervision, horizontal coordination (of actions) and crisis management will remain with the junior ministry,” Akel deputy Stefanos Stefanou said on Thursday.

“We also proposed that there should be a licencing one-stop-shop to allow someone to submit applications for investment projects and reduce bureaucracy. CTO will be responsible only for the implementation of the tourism (strategy), the quality of services and advertising”.

Interior Minister Constantinos Petrides who is heading the government’s unit of administrative reform, tasked with producing proposals to overhaul Cyprus’s outdated governance model, accepted some of the communist party’s proposals, incorporated in a new draft bill, Stefanou said. He added that the new bill will be debated on Tuesday when the parliamentary committee for finance meets again.

An official of the Cyprus Hotels Association said that the business group is in favour of seeing the junior ministry established and expects to see the outcome of consultations and give-and-take involving political parties and the government in an attempt to form a majority in the parliament before commenting on them.

“We are in favour of the approval and the institutionalisation of the junior ministry,” Zacharias Ioannides, the CHA director said.

Still, he added, the junior minister must have the responsibility of implementing strategic planning in the area of tourism. “If there is a reconciliation of positions in institutionalising the junior ministry, we support this as long as the new body is effective and viable”.

In February, SEK and PEO, the two major unions representing workers at the tourism board, signed an agreement with the government regulating labour issues. Under the agreement, signed by Petrides, then Under-Secretary to the President, who also oversaw the preparation of a national tourism strategy, benefits for workers at the CTO will remain unchanged after its transformation into a junior-ministry.

Affected CTO workers would then automatically become civil servants.



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  • almostbroke

    Make sure the Unions dictate how tourism is run as usual !

  • All unnecessary, like the recent survey said people come for the sea and sun.

  • mazuate

    And this is reform? What a joke

    • Didier Ouzaid

      Wait till that elusive reform of local gvt kicks in. They wanna create clusters to streamline efforts, eliminate redundant positions, enhance service to residents and decrease spending. All they gonna do is pack everything and everyone into those clusters and call that reform. Same sh*t, new packaging. And most importantly, same (if not more) public cash thrown at it.

      The law of synergy here: 4+4=2

  • Mist

    Same people same jobs, whats changed?