Property transactions up 39% in November, Land Department says


By Stelios Orphanides

The number of property transactions rose an annual 39 per cent in November to 906, the highest figure this year, the Department of Lands and Surveys said.

The increase last month was mainly on an annual 98 per cent increase in the number of properties changing owners in Nicosia to 170, the department said in a statement on its website. Property transactions in the Famagusta district rose 174 per cent to 52 while those in Larnaca and Paphos rose 32 per cent to 151 and 16 per cent to 212 respectively.

The number of property transactions in Limassol rose last month 29 per cent compared to November 2016 to 321, the land department said.

In January to November, the number of properties changing hands rose 21 per cent to 7,197, the department said. In Nicosia, the number of transactions rose 31 per cent, in Limassol 28 per cent, in Famagusta 32 per cent and in Paphos 26 per cent while in Larnaca it fell 4 per cent.

The above figures include properties onboarded by banks as part of restructuring agreements or foreclosures.


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  • Bob Ellis

    What happens when we can’t sell passports/residencies and the Chinese cannot take money out of China ?

    • SuzieQ

      And what happens when the Chinese and Russians find out they can’t get title deeds? Perhaps it doesn’t matter to them?

      • almostbroke

        Probably ‘cash ‘ buyers and a ‘sweetner’ in the ‘pot ‘ to smooth out any kinks and if they have the ‘daughters ‘ as their legal representatives, a clear round for sure !

      • ROC

        What happens when all the Anatolians have to leave thier homes that were stolen from the GC’s I worry about that

      • Bob Ellis

        A lot of houses in Limassol that were sold to Ruissians don’t even have permits. Also, Russians are finding out they cannot travel in the EU on residency because we are not in the Schengen zone. Would not like to be the agent/lawyer who organised that.

    • Wanderer

      Good point, especially that it is now out in the open that the AG’s office would send back any Russian back to Putin’s goons in a snap.

    • ROC

      Bob do you sing from behind, because your talk like it

      • Bob Ellis

        Aiming at the commentator is not in the spirit of this forum.

  • cyprus observer

    It is not your regular or traditional property investors……..UK, Scandinavia, Germans or middle class Russians. We all know where it’s coming from……..BEWARE Cyprus, it will bite you in the axx one day……but all you care about is jam today.

    • ROC

      I sure your going to show me the proof of this are you?

      • cyprus observer

        One doesn’t need proof of this, it’s so blatantly obvious what’s happening there. My post contains absolutely no reference to the North of Cyprus, as that is clearly not in the scope of the report. You seem to be another person totally fixated with the North. Perhaps you should move there?

  • AnalogMind

    Excellent news.

  • John Henry

    In other news, its the 338th day of the year, the highest day this year so far!

  • dave

    ‘onboarded by bank’s

    What does this ridiculous jargon mean?