December jobless number falls to post crisis low, Cystat says


By Stelios Orphanides

The number of registered unemployed dropped an annual 15 per cent last month, by 6,081 to 35,771, the lowest December rate since 2011, the statistical service said on Thursday.

The number of jobless registered at the district labour offices fell 16 per cent, or by 5,996, to a seasonally adjusted 30,972, the lowest December value since 2010, Cystat said in a statement on its website.

Last month’s drop in the number of unemployed, which reached an all-time high in February 2014 with 53,204, was mainly on a reduction of those seeking employment in the construction sector by 1,230 compared to December 2016, Cystat said. The number of jobless in trade fell by 1,089, 766 in public administration, 599 in financial services and 576 in manufacturing, Cystat said. The number of newcomers fell by 630.

Thursday’s figures do not include a reference to the unemployment rate which stood in October at 10.2 per cent, against 13.1 per cent in October 2016, according to Eurostat’s latest press release.


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  • Monica

    I hope this trend continues downwards.
    Everyone needs the ability to prosper, via their own, legal endeavours.
    Happy New Year … Health, Peace & Happiness to all !

  • Peter G

    This is the real news. Pretty soon back to full employment. A remarkable achievement, indeed!

  • Mist

    What are the long term unemployment numbers?