Tourism revenue rises in October 4.2% to €277m, Cystat says


By Stelios Orphanides

Revenue from tourism rose in October an annual 4.2 per cent to €277.1m, against an increase in arrivals of 14 per cent, the statistical service said on Friday.

In January to October, revenue from tourism rose 15 per cent to €2.5bn, Cystat said in a statement on its website. In the same period, total arrivals rose 14 per cent.

The lower rate of increase in revenue compared to the increase in arrivals was mainly on a 8.6 per cent annual reduction in holiday budgets to €681.05, accompanied by an increase in the length of stay by 0.1 days to 9.3 days, Cystat said.

Tourists from the UK reduced their budgets 11 per cent in October compared to October 2016 to €737.08 and reduced their average length of stay by 0.1 days to 10.1 days, Cystat said. Russian tourists also reduced their expenditure by 8 per cent to €673.26 during their stay which they extended by 1.1 days to 10.

The UK is Cyprus’s largest source of incoming tourism, while Russia is the second largest.


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  • almostbroke

    ‘It’s an Ill wind wind that dosent blow someone some good ‘ . It’s not any great strategy by the Cypriot Tourist board but the terrorist attack on the tourist in adjacent countries . I m sure despite this bounty the prevailing strategy amongst the hoteliers and related industries is still ‘maximum profit for minimum input ‘

  • Philippos

    There are so many contradictions and misunderstandings here. 0.1 days could just be a change in flight timetables. If you spend less per day and stay longer, then you are spending seriously less. Clearly the Ruble and the GBP are constraining spending by devaluation versus the EUR, and these are the currencies of our two major markets. Additionally, looking forward, TURKEY is back, so we may expect Brits and Russians to revert to Turkey, whose currency has weakened even more and whose “Offer” is better than ours. We are making our biggest investments in the up market slot and attracting the basement, so that’s a cohesive strategy, isn’t it. Good for the punters who will have to be wooed into these palaces by huge discounts and who will scare off the wealthy to a proper country

  • Mist

    It would be interesting CM the methodology.