Retail value 0.3% up in 2014, preliminary Cystat figures show


By Stelios Orphanides

Retail value and volume rose in January to December last year a preliminary 0.3 per cent and 2 per cent respectively compared to the respective period a year before, the statistical service said citing preliminary data.

In December 2014, retail trade rose almost 24 per cent in terms of value and over 29 per cent in terms of volume compared to the month before, Cystat said in two separate statements on its website.

Revised figures showed that retail value and volume in November last year fell a monthly 6.1 per cent and 4.7 per cent respectively, Cystat said. Compared to a year before, November retail value fell 0.1 per cent while the volume remained unchanged.


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  • Brian Whiffen

    the next quarter may take a hefty knock back if the donkey’s don’t formalise the current [7 day] shop hours across the ROC

  • Didier Ouzaid

    Just in time to revert back to a decade ago.

  • Alexander Reuterswärd

    These numbers seems a little strange, the VAT was increased in 2013 and although there is a “statistical” growth the VAT earned was declining in 2014.

    The statistics dont match, and this is something the government really should investigate (it never match in any report).

  • Tony

    Quick…. Close the shops!