Judge gives government deadline extension to object to Browder


By Stelios Orphanides

The Nicosia District Court on Monday extended the government’s deadline to file an objection against the request of Hermitage Capital founder Bill Browder to submit a supplementary affidavit, a government lawyer said.

“The next hearing was set for February 12,” lawyer Theano Mavromoustaki, who represents Attorney-General Costas Clerides in the case, said in a telephone interview, hours after Monday’s hearing.

The government side objected in November to the request filed by Browder and his associate Ivan Cherkasov to issue an emergency injunction to force Cypriot authorities to ditch their cooperation with Russia in a probe against the two in an alleged tax evasion case.

Brower, the investor-turned-activist, considers the probe politically motivated after he lobbied for the imposition of sanctions by the US and other jurisdictions against companies and individuals involved in the death of Sergey Magnitsky, a Russian lawyer, eight years ago. Magnitsky reported to authorities the theft of $230m (€188m) in public funds and the police officers whom he implicated arrested him and had him tortured and deprived of medical treatment while he was in prison.

The Council of Europe asked its member states to ignore Russia’s requests related to Browder and to follow the example of the US. Interpol has repeatedly ignored Russia’s arrest warrants against Browder.

The Cypriot government suspended cooperation with Russia pending the outcome of Browder’s request, angering Moscow.


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  • plexor

    The AG-office, which is subservient to Russia, is in trouble.

    They can hardly deceive the EU more and the Loizidou-case showed, how the CY prosecutors jubilate, if they can deliver people onto the knife of the Russians. And of course, the CY prosecutor, who organised an extradition, has the wish to get rewarded, for example with help from RU for getting a job as judge at the European Court of Human Rights ECHR.

    The nepotism invested AG-office – thanks to AG Costas Clerides – is more a family-driven office of a banana republic, than a serious authority. One follow of the nepotism is, that AG Clerides gets not taken serious from his deputies – Rikkos deceived him and Loizidou exchanged emails with the AG via her private email-account. The AG gives in my opinion also states-protection to CYs helping hands banks/accountants/lawyers, who exploite and defraud foreigners and came along with a burnt-in mentality “deceiving for thieving from foreigners”. This is at least, what I saw. Concerning my experience, Clerides strictly ignores criminal complaints of foreigners against CYs helping hands and give them obviously the security to go on thieving against the complainant without getting charged.

    With the announced gag law “„Article 122, Cap154 of the criminal code“
    he made himself and Cyprus rediculous. In my opinion, Clerides is just a politicised marionette, switched on and off, depending on the will of the CY government. He spoke also from unfathomable corruption at all authority levels, but tolerates in his AG-office nepotism, a kind of corruption, in which also the son of the suspended Eleni Loizidou got a job.

    Costas Clerides failed also devastating in a case against the BoC, where he did not follow BoC-tops and let a hard disc with proofs uninvestigated. You can search for “hard drive deletions not taken any further”, if you want to see Clerides`s failing repectively given states-protection for the BoC.

    CYs justice is in my opinion totally untrustworthy, what is typical for a criminal state and banana republic.