Global anti-corruption-watchdog upgrades Cyprus’s rating


By Stelios Orphanides

Transparency International, the global anti-corruption watchdog, promoted Cyprus to rank 42 in its 2017 Corruption Perception Index from 45 the year before as the island improved its score from 55 to 57.

Cyprus was placed on the same rank with the Czech Republic, Dominica and Spain, just below Latvia and the Caribbean island-state of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, beating Georgia and Malta, the Berlin-based non-governmental organisation said in a statement on its website on Wednesday.

Last year, Transparency International disaccredited its Cypriot division revealing a rift in how the two NGOs understood corruption. Leaders of Transparency International Cyprus said that money laundering was not corruption.

New Zealand topped the list -which included 183 jurisdictions- scoring 89 points, ahead of Denmark which scored 88 points and Finland, Norway and Switzerland which scored 85 points, Transparency said. Somalia was perceived as the most corrupt state worldwide with just 9 points, while South Sudan and Syria were ranked 182nd and 181st with 12 and 14 points respectively.

Sweden, was the third most transparent European Union member and ranked tenth worldwide with 84 points followed by Luxembourg and the Netherlands, the other two EU most transparent EU-member states, ranked eighth worldwide, Transparency said.

Bulgaria was the EU’s least transparent member state, ranked 71st worldwide, while Hungary was the second most corrupt member of the EU, ranked 66th worldwide, the organisation said. Romania and Greece were ranked 59th together with Jordan and were the third least transparent member states in the EU.


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  • GSP

    I wonder how much we paid to get our corruption rating improved.

    • Dogmeat

      That’s funny!

  • Alex

    Who visited Syria? Or did they just google it…..

  • Douglas

    You can try and fool the world but you cannot fool yourself 🙂

  • JS Gost

    How can we take this bunkum seriously, the ‘governing’ body discredited the Cyprus branch for disagreement over what constituted corruption. Cyprus is, and will always be, one of the most lawless countries in the world because the people want it that way. When the money is gone and nobody will touch us with a barge pole there will be no coming back. What will we do then ? blame everyone else, start shouting, run home to mummy and look for a bailout ? really, grow up.

    • Peter G

      Who’s the “we,” kimosabe? Fellow bots?

      It seems laughable that a supposedly German organization should be fixated on the imagined money laundering of Russian funds by Cypriot banks when Deutsche Bank is the largest laundry ever for the Russian Mafia and got fined $630 million last year in the USA for laundering $10 BILLION of ill-gotten assets (with a sizable chunk, according to Newsweek, being rendered spotless by Donald Trump’s real estate adventures — which may account for his strong affinity for Russia, not some kompromat of hired prostitutes urinating on a mattress slept on by Obama). And speaking of the USA, why Transparency International withdrew the accreditation of Transparency USA, not because of some semantic disagreement of whether money laundering is corruption or a crime, or how many angels can dance on the tip of a needle, but for accepting money from the companies it was supposed to be investigating for corruption!

      So please, spare us the Jeremiads and exhortations for maturity. Physician heal thyself.

      • Bob Ellis

        Not really interest in the US. Some other countries and better, others are worse. I live in Cyprus.

        • Paralimni

          I have applied to open several bank accounts in the last two weeks and one question that keeps popping up on every online application is
          ” Are you a US citizen” ?

      • JS Gost

        Can you really ‘deal with it’ as your profile suggests ?

  • Vaso

    The GC bashers here again! They are so bitter it oozes from every orifice!

    • Bob Ellis

      You have two ears and one mouth, it would be nice if you used them in that ratio. Most commentators here are actually concerned about Cyprus, as most have lived in the real world and now live here. Others believe that Cyprus is a utopia, nothing is wrong and everybody else is out to get them. Please name something that works here ?

      • Peter G

        Plenty, otherwise you would have packed up and left.

        • Bob Ellis

          Good to hear from you again. Why not answer the question – Please name something that works here ?

          • Eve Frangoudis

            How can it work when their mind is not their own genius way to take over the country!

      • Vaso

        You have a big mouth and no principles! The Greek bashers are here just to criticize complain disrupt be hostile aggressive threaten about anything to do with RoC! They cannot see good in anything because they have hate in their heart and minds! They cannot abide by any good news for RoC because they do not want to acknowledge such news or accept it! You are a prime example of this with your stupid and pathetic comment “please name something that works here?” It is a trait that Turks have to be jealous and envious of anything which they believe devalues them! Greek bashers are here to trash this island instead of uplifting it! But the Greek bashers are not true TCs, they are imported from their motherland or if they are they have been brainwashed by their motherland! You have no concern for Cyprus but for your bloated self-esteem!

        • Bob Ellis

          Infamy, Infamy, they all have it in for me. Do you pause to listen to yourself ?

          • Vaso

            Do you ever pause to think?

          • Bob Ellis

            Sometimes I think about how bitter and angry people are. Misdirecting your frustration at people on this forum does absolutely nothing. Blaming others does nothing. Being confrontationally and rude underlines where the real problem is.

          • Eve Frangoudis

            Well why dont they just say what the real problem is all scripted parrots ready for pharma and meds so you better obey!

        • Eve Frangoudis

          That’s because they are jealous! They want to own people and countries!

      • Eve Frangoudis

        Then wtf are you doing there! If it so bad ! One of the angels who will save the world?

        • Bob Ellis

          For me Cyprus is very good. Love it here. Just a shame how some people are quite happy to destroy it to service their greed, even sadder how many stand back and do nothing or even defend the scum that is destroying our country. If you are not part of the solution, you are normally part of the problem.

          • Eve Frangoudis

            Your right in a way! Thats what happens when criminals take over especially pharma! Half my relatives i dont regognize when they talk all scripted getting them ready for meds! Well over my dead body! And am sure they arrange that too!

  • Andrew Eco

    good!! but we still got quite some way to go

  • SuzieQ

    Money laundering is not considered to be corruption……well, that’s ok then.