Property transactions up 46% in February


By Stelios Orphanides

Property transactions rose 46 per cent to 666 in February compared to the respective month of 2017, mainly on strong performance of the real estate market in Paphos, the lands department said.


Property transactions in Nicosia rose last month 32 per cent to 96 and those in Limassol 45 per cent to 256 compared to the respective month of last year, the Department of Lands and Surveys said in a statement on its website on Monday. In Larnaca, they fell 1 per cent to 99.

In the Famagusta and Paphos districts they rose 174 per cent to 52 and 87 per cent to 163 respectively, the department said.

In January to February, total property transactions rose an annual 55 per cent to 1,361, the land department said. The above figures also properties swapped in exchange to debt as part of loan restructuring agreements.


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  • Douglas

    I’m aware that rental values are increasing considerably in all areas but was not aware of the increase in sales.

  • AnalogMind

    666? That’s a hellish performance then. 🙂

  • Mr Magoo

    All well and good but lets put this into prospective and try and publish the numbers of properties on the market for sale at any one time and then compare how many are selling. Printing statistics like this has little real value when working off such low low numbers of sales vs for volume for sale.

    Don`t get me wrong its positive news but it will only fool some into thinking they can increase asking prices when there are tens of thousands of properties for sale. So many have been on the market for several years or more.

    How much of is this driven by nationality? Are the British buying before Brexit to obtain residency?If so then its a short blip unit next year.