Agreement to link Cyprus, Egypt, Greece via undersea cable signed


By Stelios Orphanides

Cyprus and Egypt have agreed on the route of a 1,707-kilometre sub-sea power cable that will link the grids of the two countries to that of Greece, EuroAfrica Interconnector, the company behind the project said.

The cable, named after the company, “will connect the electricity grids of Egypt, Cyprus, and Greece with Europe has entered the pre-works phase,” the firm said in an emailed statement on Wednesday. “The Egyptian government (is) giving its full support to EuroAfrica Interconnector, transforming Egypt as an electricity hub for Africa and agreed the electricity cable route, the landing point and the site of the HVDC (high-voltage, direct current) converter station”.

The chairman and chief executive of the company, Nasos Ktorides, and Egypt’s Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Mohamed Shaker agreed at a recent meeting in addition to the route of the cable also the timeframe of the project’s implementation, EuroAsia Interconnector said.

The Cyprus Business Mail understands that the agreement on the route and the implementation was reached last week.

“The 2,000 MW cable will be connected from Egypt to continental Europe via Cyprus, transforming Egypt to an energy hub for Africa and electricity carrier for the European continent,” the EuroAfrica Interconnector said.

The EuroAfrica Interconnector project is parallel to a similar one dubbed the EuroAsia Interconnector, linking Israel with Greece through Cyprus via an underwater cable in which Ktorides is also involved.

The Greece-Cyprus-Israel project is expected to enter the construction phase this year, instead of 2017, as was the initial plan, Ktorides said in a telephone interview.

“We are in the tenders stage,” he explained, adding that the first stage that will link Crete with mainland Greece is scheduled to be completed by 2020 while the other two stages, linking Cyprus to Crete and Israel, are expected to be completed the following year.

The project enjoys support from the governments of the three countries involved, according to the statement.

President Nicos Anastasiades, President El-Sisi and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in their joint declaration four months ago that they are committed in enhancing cooperation in the area of energy and welcomed the EuroAfrica Interconnector project.


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  • Bunny

    Crazy people. Not a mention of the cost. Not a mention that the cable would cross at least three active geological faults, where a seismic event would probably rupture it (possibly damage it beyond use). Yes, it’s feasible but …

    • ROC..

      what your an expert on the matters now?

    • Cydee


      • Mike

        Only limited by our ignorance on any particular subject. I’m confident the operators and installation crews are well versed in the procedure, its simple but I guess only when you know how so I can understand scepticism.

        • GSP


      • AnalogMind

        There are no pipes involved here. Only flexible cables the size of your arm.

        • GSP


    • Mike

      Cables criss cross the subsea planet all over the place, pipelines too. Would you actually begin to think that the engineering brains behind such projects have not considered and mitigated seismic events not to mention underwater volcanic eruptions, geothermal vents, subsea landslides and dozens of other possible seemingly catastrophic (to the uninitiated) events. I have laid cables and pipelines all over and none but one ever suffered a problem and that was man made as before termination ashore a trawler picked up a shallow water cable (in an exclusion zone) and chopped through it with an axe. It was a fibre optic communications cable fortunately so easily fixed, costly but technologically simple.

      • Trevor

        All that may be true but the main question is …where is the electricity coming from ? Egypt is so short of power that most areas are on rationing and so you are lucky to have electricity for 8 hours in 24 ! A few years ago I met the head of Egypts electricity authority and he told me he drove a taxi in the evenings to make ends meet . Is Cyprus going to subsidise them ?

        • Mike

          The article is, as far as I see, not about supply and distribution from one place to another its about creating infrastructure linking Egypt, Greece and Cyprus’ national grids to Europe. Whether or not Egypt has a power generation deficiency is not a consideration. That will presumably be a matter of commercial contracts if they choose to buy some in. Similar to what happens with oil and gas all over the world. The point is having the infrastructure in place to facilitate such movement to and from so when finished Egypt could buy in from Sweden if it wished.

        • Walid Mohamed

          Egypt has no shortage of electricity .. There is now enough of electricity and overflowing .. However, there are still a lot of projects for the construction of power stations Shamiah is the largest in the world and a nuclear power plant and others ..

      • GSP

        “Engineering brains behind such projects”. This is Cyprus. Everything is driven by publicity (the dozens of tripartite alliances) or backhanders for the elite.

  • Costas

    this is the best news ever

  • Rächer

    The cable from Turkey is almost reaching the TRNC. it could be extended to the Greek south at almost no cost.
    But as Chrysostomos said when water reached Cyprus; “I’d rather drink poison than Turkish water”
    The mind boggles. What hate must fester in the man with the black dress. And Anastasiades keeps talking about “reunion”.

    • Chris Witha C

      You will always have to have a stupid Turk putting in his 2 cents worth of useless crap in!
      This is a cable connecting Egypt, Cyprus and Europe…I didn’t see anything mention frigging Turkey….did you?

      • Stephanie Marcou

        Stop being abusive you are embarrassing.

        • Chris Witha C

          Who’s being abusive?????….just stating fact!

    • ROC..

      In 44 years where has Turkland been co-operative, all the ROC has had from turkey are air and sea voilations, threats, unwillingness to remove troops so what do you expect

    • AnalogMind

      You want Cyprus to buy more expensive electricity from Turkey whose economy is 10 times more inflationary than Cyprus? What are you smoking?

    • Leo

      Just shows that you are clueless, concerning the Church and the Ottomans/Turks, were 500 priests, bishops etc, were publicly beheaded in 1821, along with the genocide, were over 60 villages and their inhabitants were slaughtered.

    • tnt_nation

      Yeah we are going to buy electricity from turkey.. bro think before type

      • Rächer

        So, tell me why you wouldn’t if it was cheaper and under contract with penalties? I am not your “bro”, btw.

        • tnt_nation

          Because we dont trust Turkey to keep undisturbed supply. Plus it wont be good for our own companies. Plus the electricity from turkey would be expensive. Plus you owe the south two billion in electricity bills.

  • redstorm

    i suppose turkey will say it belongs to them,,,,,,,

    • AnalogMind

      No. These are interconnections between existing networks. To claim the network as your own it has to belong to you in the first place. Obviously Turkey does not own the EAC (Electric Authority of Cyprus) nor it would ever will.

      • redstorm

        thanks for your reply, we will see,,

  • alexander reutersward

    Let’s hope electricity prices can be lowered as soon as possible and that EAC won’t keep it’s monopoly

  • AnalogMind

    Outstanding. These are the true benefit projects for Cyprus. Not the gas sharing nonsense. Cheap electricity is a benefit to all and not a matter of false ownership which needs to be shared. Gas revenue for Cyprus is 20 years down the road. Cheap electricity is for now.

    • GSP

      Cheap electricity? Dream on. If successful it will only mean fatter brown envelopes and bigger pensions for EAC.

  • David Hill

    Solar power the way ahead and Cyprus,Greece and Egypt have an abundance of it.

    • HighTide

      Egypt is in the process of constructing a huge solar power field that will provide as much electricity as a nuclear plant.

      • GSP

        All they need to find now is a way to make it secure. Something that size will be a major target for certain terrorist groups in that country.

  • HighTide

    Power sharing is a good move for everyone. The TRNC will soon have its electricity cable connected to Turkey that will secure its future needs.

    • tnt_nation

      Who gives two sh its