Building permits up 47% in 2017, Cystat says


By Stelios Orphanides

Construction output is expected to pick up further as building permits for 2017 show a 47 per cent increase in the construction area of projects that received the go-ahead from local authorities, to 1,542,663 square metres, compared to 2016, the statistical service said.

The value of the projects which received a building permit last year rose 49 per cent, to €1.7bn, Cystat said in a statement on its website on Friday.

The increase in building permits last year was mainly on an 81 per cent rise in the construction area of non-housing projects, to 372,806 square metres, accompanied by a 59 per cent increase in the value, to €380.7m, Cystat said. The number of hotels that got a building permit rose to 24 from 19 while that of tourist apartments and villages fell from 35 to 26.

The construction area of housing projects that obtained a building permit last year rose 36 per cent, to 1,133,854, while their value rose 40 per cent, to €1.2bn, Cystat said.

The building permits provide for the construction of 2,302 detached houses, which is 35 per cent more compared to 2016. The number of semi-detached houses rose 21 per cent, to 781 while that of flats in residential blocks almost doubled, to 1,374.


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  • AnalogMind

    This is very impressive, especially the 81% non-housing part.

    • Philippos

      The comparison is with 2016 and as you say, 81% of non residential construction is impressive as a “Headline” figure. When you analyse it, it does crack a little. 2016 wasn’t a great year for non residential construction, in the order of things, but it was the “Crucible” Year for the Ministerial Decree about hotel extensions, in response to the “Russian Invasion”, or should I better say “Migration”, just in case “You know who – Mr VP -gets any ideas. Then there’s “compression’, there is only really a five month “Slot” for implementation that starts in the November. since we build first and get permits afterwards, 2017 took a rather large share of the pressure created by the sudden acceleration of 2016 “Arrivals”. so, lots of extra construction outside the Topiko Sxedio of most Municipalities. (You could build more, suddenly, and legally). The winter of 2017 saw a similar surge, so capacity has increased quite a lot and very quickly. So all good stuff? – even if an explicable rush. Well “Yes”, if the Russians don’t go back to Turkey and Egypt, just as fast as they arrived, because then, paying for all this work, might provoke another Banking “Blip”