Plastic money use up 12% in February, JCC says


By Stelios Orphanides

The value of transactions of holders of Cypriot cards at home rose 12 per cent year-on-year last month, to €214.6m, JCC Payment Systems Ltd said.

In the first two months of the year, the value of domestic transactions Cypriots made with their cards rose 11 per cent, to €411.7m, the payment processing company said in an emailed statement on Friday.

Cypriots used their cards for purchases and cash withdrawals abroad worth €128.7m last month, a 15 per cent annual rise, and €270.6m in the first two months of the year, up 14 per cent, JCC said.

Holders of foreign cards purchased goods and services worth €46.3m last month, which is 16 per cent more compared to February 2016, and €92.2m in January to February, a 17 per cent rise. The value of their payments and cash withdrawals rose 12 per cent, to €63.1m, and 13 per cent, to €125.6m respectively.

Last month, Cypriot cards were used for payments worth €839,044 in the Turkish Cypriot breakaway state and €253,716 in Turkey. The value of payments in the first two months of the year was €1.7m and €524,884 respectively.

Turkish cards were used for purchases in the republic worth €1.7m in February and €3.5m in January to February.


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  • Survivor

    I was wondering why the queues at supermarket stores are getting slower ! Maybe if they separated the card holders from the cash payments it might help. But then again there would only be one or two tills open, so back to square one !