PAOK’s Savvidi an acquaintance of Anastasiades, spokesman says


By Stelios Orphanides

The Greek-Russian businessman Ivan Savvidi asked for an invitation to President Nicos Anastasiades’ inauguration ceremony a few weeks ago, government spokesman Prodromos Prodromou said on Wednesday.

“Savvidi was in Cyprus on private business and notified the president’s office of his interest in attending the ceremony,” Prodromou said in an interview to state-radio CyBC on Wednesday. “As he was well-known in Russian politics, the business world in Greece and football, he was included in the list of possible attendees.

“The president happened to have met Savvidi in the past and following his request, he was included in the list,” the spokesman continued. “It was not up to the president’s office to decide the choice of the seat nor was it aware of that.”

Savvidi, the main shareholder of Greece’s football team PAOK FC based in Thessaloniki, was seen storming onto the pitch on Sunday armed with a gun and escorted by his bodyguards when the referee initially cancelled a goal scored by his team which was hosting Athens’ AEK. Greek authorities issued an arrest warrant against him on Monday.

During Anastasiades inauguration on February 28, Savvidi was seated next to Attorney-General Costas Clerides.

On Tuesday, Akel lawmaker Stefanos Stefanou, the government spokesman under former President Demetris Christofias, said that his party wanted answers about why and how Savvidi attended the ceremony.

Prodromou said that the president’s office did not intend to make a statement over how the guests at the ceremony had been seated as “Savvidi had no official capacity and was simply a private guest, a celebrity who attended”.

“We shouldn’t be discussing whether this sent a political message,” the government spokesman continued. “There was no political message and what happened next to make the issue more interesting are very sad.”

In a communication with the Cyprus Business Mail, Clerides said that at the ceremony, one of two men accompanying Savvidi, made introductions.

“One of his companions, introduced him to me but the name was not familiar to me,” Clerides said.

Savvidi, who talks to Greek media via interpreters, “sat next to me, put on the earphone for the interpretation and we did not exchange any other word,” Clerides continued. “I was later informed that he was Russian, the chairman of PAOK etc”.

Politis reported on Wednesday that Savvidi was in the company of his aide Sergey Anisimof, and Giorgos Gurovanides, a Russian-speaking lawyer from Thessaloniki.

Archbishop Chrysostomos, who was also sitting not far away from Savvidi, said that he had met him in December when the two were guests in Moscow of the Russian Patriarch, Politis reported. On that occasion, Chrysostomos and Savvidi spent ten minutes together in the hotel’s cafeteria.

The archbishop denied that he was in talks to sell the businessman the church’s television channel TVOne.

Savvidi was elected to the Russian Duma in 2003 and 2007 with United Russia, which was previously led by President Vladimir Putin.

In August last year, Savvidi acquired around one fifth of Greece’s Mega Channel from Greek businessman Fotis Bobolas for a consideration of €5m. Two months later, Savvidi sold his stake to Cyprus’ Elenovo Ltd, a company headquartered in the same building which houses the Limassol-based law firm Andreas Sofocleous and Co. LLC.

In July 2017, Savvidi also acquired two Greek newspapers, Ethnos, including its Sunday edition, and Imerisia, plus their logos for a total of €3.6m.

The newspapers were also affiliated with the Bobolas family, a member of which was implicated two years ago in a waste scandal.


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  • Veritas

    Mr Savvidi fits in well with the rest of our corrupt society.

    • almostbroke

      Costa or Andreas the fisherman or the plumber wasent sitting next to the A G at the inauguration , no ! Because they are not ‘dubious businessmen ‘ , and besides Savvidis would be at home. Sitting with the rest of the gangsters !

  • Barry White

    Only in Cyprus can a Beamer and Merc drive faster in reverse than forward.

    The Prez and ArchBish caught up in the brown stuff once again.

    • elbmw

      It was amateur night at the proms…again!

  • elbmw

    Hmn…I wonder if he had a gun with him again.

  • Copernicus

    Will Cyprus introduce the Magnistsky Act if he EU demands? Such people may be on a travel ban and one wonders whether Cyprus will comply.

  • DrJ

    Banana Republic of Middle East specifications ran by first or second generation urbanized villagers. What a pity to be a Greek-Cypriot citizen and to be governed by money and power hungry nonentities like Anastasiades, the son of a policeman from Pera Pedi!

  • JS Gost

    ‘Greek-Russian businessman’ pretty much sums up the story. just how many quotes can you put around the words ””’businessman””’ ?

  • comments-on-mail

    We need a law pursuant to which the political parties and election candidates will be obliged to disclose who provided any form of funding to them. Such transparency should have been compulsory for al EU Member States.

  • Bananaman

    Now the UK have rejected the Russian statements on the use of nerve gas on British soil, along with the other permenant members of the UN security council and some of the elected temporary members are also EU members, (whom also backed the U.K.) it will be interesting to see how Greece and Cyprus react to imposing any Russian sanctions at the forthcoming EU summit. The Greek Orthodox Church is implicated in the middle of all this, right up to their lug-holes.

  • Helen

    Saviddi has disgraced Greece world wide and by allowing him to come to Cyprus straight after the
    incredulous events in Greece, reflects very negatively on Cyprus and its leaders.

    • Bananaman

      It’s the Helector waste scandal involvement albeit indirect but even so ….