Tourist arrivals up 9.7% in April, Cystat says


By Stelios Orphanides

Tourist arrivals rose 9.7 per cent in April, to 314,143, compared to a year before on a strong performance of a number of secondary markets, the statistical service said.

Arrivals from the UK, from which Cyprus traditionally attracts the bulk of incoming tourist flow, rose an annual 4.1 per cent last month, to 110,689, while those from Russia, the second most important source of tourism, rose 4.3 per cent, to 49,040, Cystat said in a statement on its website on Thursday. Arrivals from Greece rose 25 per cent, to 20,347, while those from Germany and Israel fell 18 per cent, to 19,728, and 21 per cent, to 16,951, respectively.

In April, arrivals from Finland, Sweden, and Denmark rose an annual 76 per cent, to 3,043, 43 per cent, to 11,857, and 45.3 per cent, to 3,510 respectively, Cystat said. Arrivals from Poland and Ukraine also rose 73 per cent, to 7,627, and 70 per cent, to 5,370 respectively. The number of French tourists fell 14 per cent last month, to 4,116.

In the first four months of the year, the number of tourists visiting Cyprus rose 20 per cent, to 683,581, compared to the respective period of 2017, Cystat said.

Four in five tourists said vacations were the purpose of their journey to Cyprus while 12 per cent said they came to visit relatives and friends, Cystat said. The remaining 7.7 per cent said they visited Cyprus for business.

In a separate statement, Cystat said that the number of Cypriots who travelled abroad last month was 113,477, down 3.2 per cent, compared to April last year.


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  • woodman

    i would prefer to see the stats represent the types of holidays, eg, how many are half board or all inclusive, numbers been very little if local business do not see the footfall.

    • Аlex Snigerev

      also wondering who left more money

      • Kevin Ingham

        I saw a couple of tourists down by the beach today.

        They sat in a bar/restaurant and had two small bottles of water between them and then took 4 seats from the restaurant area to park their backsides on the beach with their feet up on the other seat (to save Euro 2.50 per head on a sun bed)

        I am actually quite glad to say they were not British (the Brits do splash the cash on holiday) but if I was running that particular bar I’d be tearing my hair out.

        • A is B

          I agree but I would rather sell two bottles of water than no bottles of water. The owner should have stopped them from taking the chairs, simple.

    • A is B

      Any one that comes here for a holiday is adding to the economy regardless of how much they spend. If the tourists aren’t ripped off they will come back and tell their friends. Unfortunately the tourists I speak to like the hotels but are bored, very little entertainment in the hotels and very little to do full stop. Take a look at the streets very few people about, they are fed up with cars/bikes racing and the noise, having to walk on the road because of vehicles on the pavements, fed up with the taxi drivers, fed up with sexual harassment, the list is endless. Get these things sorted then more tourists will come.

    • Cydee

      These monthly stats on everything-under-the-sun are boring and meaningless; does anyone actually find them interesting?

      • atmost55

        If you loved Cyprus you would rejoice at the slightest improvement.

  • atmost55

    Bravo Kypros mou!

  • Arnt Otto Østlie

    I should like to see statistics for travellers from Norway, too. They may be omitted because they are not EU-members, but they do have money to spend, and as far as I know do love the island also.