Spanish police arrest Browder on Russian warrant (Updated)


By Stelios Orphanides

Hermitage Capital founder Bill Browder was arrested by Spanish police Wednesday on an Interpol arrest warrant issued by Russia but was released a couple of hours later.

A spokesperson said in a telephone interview that Browder was detained while he was in his hotel in Madrid ahead of a scheduled meeting with a Spanish prosecutor investigating the $230m tax fraud uncovered by lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.

Two hours later, Browder tweeted a photo of himself outside a police station with a message saying: “Good news. Spanish National Police just released me after Interpol General Secretary in Lyon advised them not to honour the new Russian Interpol Red Notice. This is the 6th time that Russia has abused Interpol in my case.”

The investor-turned activist has had several arrest warrants issued by Russia against him put aside on the grounds that they were politically motivated.


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  • Neroli

    Nothing in CM of the murder in Kiev of Russian journalist Babchenko a critic of the Kremlin! In all international media but none here!

    • JS Gost

      Criticize mother Russia, how very dare we ?

      • Neroli

        About time Cyprus decides if she wants to belong to eu or Russia

        • Cydee

          Yep; the ‘keepers’ don’t like their progeny batting for both sides…

        • JS Gost

          If you sit on the fence you might fall off and get hurt.

      • Neroli

        Maybe our Russian ‘ambassador’ has silenced the CM about Babchenko! Come on Cm where’s the report??

    • Cydee

      So much for a ‘free’ press…

  • Martin Standage

    Good job Bill wasn’t here-it might have turned out very differently!